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Kings is a reputable locksmith company operating out of Chicago. It also undertakes any kind of security oriented tasks in the state of Illinois. A 3-member team from Kings is kept on high alert and will reach you within minutes should you need our services in case of an emergency. Apart from helping the citizens of IL to get in or out of their houses and cars when they do not have access to the key, Kings is also equipped to handle all kinds of security system installations. From magnetic locks to coded access systems as well as installing CCTV, the team from Kings is well adept at working with high security surveillance too.

The best part of Kings Locksmiths is that they are available 24 X 7 in order to attend to your needs. The emergency services that we provide include:-

AutomobilesChicago locksmiths

  • Emergency automobile lockout service where our representative will be near you within 15 minutes to 20 minutes.
  • Replacement of car keys- Our team is skilled enough to make you a brand new key on the site itself without having to look at the key code. Kings has almost all kinds of car keys in stock which makes rekeying easy. Both foreign as well as domestic vehicles are handled by us with ease and you are free to contact us even if you have trouble with SUVs and truck keys and find yourself in an emergency situation.
  • Broken key extraction from within car trunks, doors, or ignition.
  • Special automobile key-making include Transponder keys, VAT keys, as well as chips keys on the site itself so that you do not need any other locksmith services after you reach home.
  • Repairing door and trunk locks as well as replacement and rekeying so that the car becomes as good as new.


  • Emergency lockout help for all kinds of locks including dead bolts, knobs, jimmy locks, and high security magnetic locks.
  • The locks are opened, rekeyed or keys replaced and the locks are repaired or replaced according to the circumstances.
  • New locks are also installed according to your requirement on all types of doors which include wood, fiber and plywood or metal.

Non-Emergency ServicesLocksmith

  • Making a Master Key for all the entry points in a commercial establishment.
  • Installation of high tech security system in offices.
  • Emergency exit system installation which allows overriding the regular coded systems, built in compliance with the Fire Department’s regulations.

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Why Should You Contact Kings-Chicago Locksmiths Company

Hundreds of locksmiths operate out of Chicago and the surrounding areas of Illinois at present. It is no wonder, therefore, that you will be tempted to check out a few in your immediate vicinity and then decide to go with the best. However, you will find that all roads lead to Kings Locksmiths when it comes to ensuring the best security measures for your house and commercial building, not to speak of your brand new car. What has made us the best in our chosen field of action? It is our dedication to work and the expertise that goes with it. We have several positives when it comes to looking after your security needs. Check out the following and decide for yourself whether Kings Locksmiths are justified in proclaiming themselves as the best locksmith in the Chicago region.Chicago Locksmiths Company

  • Our team of locksmiths is available 24 X 7 through rain, hail or sunshine. You will not be disappointed even if you call for us in the dead of the night. We are dedicated to your security and will be at your side when you are facing an emergency.
  • We arrive within the specified time. Kings locksmiths do not keep their customers waiting unnecessarily. Our teams work in small groups and the nearest team is contacted immediately on receiving your call and asked to proceed. It is no wonder that all your needs are met within time, therefore.
  • Our men are not known for cooling their heels as the supplies take time in arriving. Most of them arrive at the location armed with the necessary equipments and spares including tools, locks, key duplicating machines, and dead bolts. This leads to less wastage of time eventually.
  • We, at Kings Locksmiths, do not jump at the chance of installing overtly expensive security system. Our surveillance of your premises gives us a good idea of the things that you will require and we try to fulfill all your needs within the estimate given to us. So no unnecessary, expensive gizmos for you unless you demand it.
  • We charge you minimally and our work remains of high quality, which is completed within the shortest possible time.
  • We also provide complete paperwork with detailed bills that shows every breakup including expenses incurred for buying locks, bolts and knobs as well as the labor charges.Chicago Locksmiths

So, go ahead, add Kings locksmiths to your contact list and remember to give us a call when in need!


Best Residential Locksmith In Chicago

Every man is the king of his home and no one would want the security of such a home tarnished. It is, therefore, important to make proper arrangements especially when you and your family may be away, on extended vacation. Kings is the absolute best when it comes to your residential locksmithing requirements in and around Chicago and the Illinois area in general.Best Residential Locksmith In Chicago

Keeping burglars away becomes tricky whether you live in a crowded area or a lonely spot. You need protection against all kinds of intensive tools that can probe and break down your home locks and security system. We, at Kings, have studied the modus operandi of such criminals and have learned to perfect the art of thwarting them via our excellent residential house locksmith services. Some of the best systems that you can opt for includes:-

High Security Locks- Any outsider will have a tough time contending with the high security locks that Kings install. These locks have stood the test of time and are installed in the proper manner by experienced technicians, a combination that is hard to beat.Best Residential Locksmith In Chicago

Other Lock Oriented services- While you may heave a sigh of relief at having your apartment or house firmly secured, there might come a time when you need our assistance in opening them too. What if you keep the key inside and lock the door unintentionally? Or worse, lose the key and cannot get into your own home? Kings will come to your help once again! We will not only be happy to open your door for you, our technicians will also be able to repair and rekey your damaged lock effectively.

Deadbolts and Knobs- Why not strengthen the security of your house by opting for a deadbolt in addition to a spring lock. This unique bolt will guard your home further thereby making the entry of an outsider without a key totally impossible. Adding knobs at strategic points helps to prevent accidental opening and shutting of the door and also adds to your home décor. Contact us at Kings Locksmith for the best knobs at affordable prices.

Child Safety Locks-Installing a child proof lock is yet another aspect that we cover. You will find it handy to keep your kid protected from getting into cabinets and handling things that may cause harm.

Sliding Door Locks- You would surely not want your artistically done patio or cozy study to be the point of entry for a burglar. You don’t really have to worry even if you have installed a sliding doors in order to maximize spaces in these areas. Kings Locksmith can help you by securing the sliding doors by means of special locks and prevent unwanted entry as well.

So go on, contact us in order to meet all your residential locking needs. You will not be disappointed!