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Kings is a reputable locksmith company operating out of Chicago. It also undertakes any kind of security oriented tasks in the state of Illinois. A 3-member team from Kings is kept on high alert and will reach you within minutes should you need our services in case of an emergency. Apart from helping the citizens of IL to get in or out of their houses and cars when they do not have access to the key, Kings is also equipped to handle all kinds of security system installations. From magnetic locks to coded access systems as well as installing CCTV, the team from Kings is well adept at working with high security surveillance too.

The best part of Kings Locksmiths is that they are available 24 X 7 in order to attend to your needs. The emergency services that we provide include:-

AutomobilesChicago locksmiths

  • Emergency automobile lockout service where our representative will be near you within 15 minutes to 20 minutes.
  • Replacement of car keys- Our team is skilled enough to make you a brand new key on the site itself without having to look at the key code. Kings has almost all kinds of car keys in stock which makes rekeying easy. Both foreign as well as domestic vehicles are handled by us with ease and you are free to contact us even if you have trouble with SUVs and truck keys and find yourself in an emergency situation.
  • Broken key extraction from within car trunks, doors, or ignition.
  • Special automobile key-making include Transponder keys, VAT keys, as well as chips keys on the site itself so that you do not need any other locksmith services after you reach home.
  • Repairing door and trunk locks as well as replacement and rekeying so that the car becomes as good as new.


  • Emergency lockout help for all kinds of locks including dead bolts, knobs, jimmy locks, and high security magnetic locks.
  • The locks are opened, rekeyed or keys replaced and the locks are repaired or replaced according to the circumstances.
  • New locks are also installed according to your requirement on all types of doors which include wood, fiber and plywood or metal.

Non-Emergency ServicesLocksmith

  • Making a Master Key for all the entry points in a commercial establishment.
  • Installation of high tech security system in offices.
  • Emergency exit system installation which allows overriding the regular coded systems, built in compliance with the Fire Department’s regulations.

Feel free to contact us at:-

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Emergency 24 Hours Locksmith Company

Locksmiths are concerned with making keys and repairing locks so why should you need them at all hours of night or day? This happens to be the most common refrain of people who are unable to grasp the seriousness of the situation. A locksmith not only makes keys and provides a suitable security system for your residence and office, he also undertakes emergency operations i.e. opening a locked door and letting you in or out as the circumstances demand.24 hours locksmith company

We, at Kings Locksmiths are actually well versed in emergency tasks, which is why our technicians operate round the clock and rushing to the required area well within time. Removing a broken key from an old lock and then removing the hindrances to your front door is something that we have a fair bit of experience in. But what if you happen to have a newly installed lock on your door and click it shut absentmindedly while your key remains secure in a box, within your chest of drawers. A worrisome situation, isn’t it? Fret not, just give us a call and our team will be with you before you can count to ten, assisting you in every way. The professional tools that we employ are the latest in the market and will help us to give you access anywhere and everywhere.

We are equally sure of starting your car for you, should your ignition key break off while you are trying to be on your way. Getting locked out of your own car, that too in the middle of the road, on a wintry evening is a nightmarish situation indeed. But we are sure to help you there too and help you to reach home well in time to get a good night’s rest. locksmith

Repairing your lock and securing it in a better way once we have dealt with the emergency situation is something that we undertake voluntarily. Kings Locksmiths is a company dedicated to provide you with complete satisfaction, at all odd hours. The best part of our operation is that we do not make things difficult for you by damaging your expensive doors or interiors. Our team of professional locksmiths is well equipped to carry out their duties skillfully and you will not be able to detect the repair work once they are done with their task.

Just make a note of our contact number and give us a call any time if you require a lock expert in Illinois.


Affordable Kings Chicago Locksmiths

Chicago is a thriving metropolis with a huge population. It is justifiable that most of them require security and hope to keep their properties safe. Kings Locksmiths do just that! Check around and you will find that this company is extremely affordable with no hidden costs showing up at the time of billing. The price that is quoted is the price that Kings expect and you would be the last person to grudge it as you know only too well how well deserved it is.Why should You Opt For Affordable Kings Chicago Locksmiths

Being affordable does not mean dirt-cheap though. With new locks, mechanisms and state of the art technologies being included in the modern security systems, it is impossible to get a task as complex as security handled at yesterdays charges. However, you will be pleased to know that the service charges of Kings are not unduly high, they are well within your reach and you get the satisfaction of being able to protect your home, office, and car in a satisfactory manner.

The value of the latest products including electronic equipments is of course a trifle expensive. But think of the peace of mind they offer and you will be able to sleep easy once Kings is done with securing your home by installing locks, bolts, and everything else that it takes. Apart from conducting your own research into the price of security products, you are welcome to discuss the pros and cons of each element with an expert locksmith from Kings too.

The team of professionals will actually tour your house or office before they advice you on how best to go about protecting it from intruders and burglars. Rest assured, we at Kings have your well-being at heart and would never ask you to install a system that is not needed.Chicago Locksmiths

You are also free to compare the prices of all licensed locksmith companies operating in Illinois and take your own decision. We are confident that you will be compelled to choose Kings when you see how well they handle the job that too at such affordable rates. A word of caution here though! Don’t ever opt for a locksmith who is on his own and claims to do everything at less than half of the standard price. Such locksmiths are usually not skilled and may cause extensive damage to your property making it much more expensive for you in the long run.

So, take out your phone and contact Kings who happen to be the most affordable locksmiths in Chicago.

Why Should You Contact Kings-Chicago Locksmiths Company

Hundreds of locksmiths operate out of Chicago and the surrounding areas of Illinois at present. It is no wonder, therefore, that you will be tempted to check out a few in your immediate vicinity and then decide to go with the best. However, you will find that all roads lead to Kings Locksmiths when it comes to ensuring the best security measures for your house and commercial building, not to speak of your brand new car. What has made us the best in our chosen field of action? It is our dedication to work and the expertise that goes with it. We have several positives when it comes to looking after your security needs. Check out the following and decide for yourself whether Kings Locksmiths are justified in proclaiming themselves as the best locksmith in the Chicago region.Chicago Locksmiths Company

  • Our team of locksmiths is available 24 X 7 through rain, hail or sunshine. You will not be disappointed even if you call for us in the dead of the night. We are dedicated to your security and will be at your side when you are facing an emergency.
  • We arrive within the specified time. Kings locksmiths do not keep their customers waiting unnecessarily. Our teams work in small groups and the nearest team is contacted immediately on receiving your call and asked to proceed. It is no wonder that all your needs are met within time, therefore.
  • Our men are not known for cooling their heels as the supplies take time in arriving. Most of them arrive at the location armed with the necessary equipments and spares including tools, locks, key duplicating machines, and dead bolts. This leads to less wastage of time eventually.
  • We, at Kings Locksmiths, do not jump at the chance of installing overtly expensive security system. Our surveillance of your premises gives us a good idea of the things that you will require and we try to fulfill all your needs within the estimate given to us. So no unnecessary, expensive gizmos for you unless you demand it.
  • We charge you minimally and our work remains of high quality, which is completed within the shortest possible time.
  • We also provide complete paperwork with detailed bills that shows every breakup including expenses incurred for buying locks, bolts and knobs as well as the labor charges.Chicago Locksmiths

So, go ahead, add Kings locksmiths to your contact list and remember to give us a call when in need!